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Frequently Asked Questions - Binghamton University Running Club


Are there any requirements to join the club?

No, we take anybody. We have both 800m runners and marathoners, undergraduates and graduate students, 15 minute 5K runners and 35 minute 5K runners.

Unfortunately, if you're an NCAA runner, faculty, or staff, you won't be able to compete in NIRCA races with us, but you can certainly join in our runs or simply stop by to say hello! Also, if you starting competing with any of the NCAA, NAIA, or NIRCA more than six years ago, even if it was not continuous, your "NIRCA clock" of six years has run out so you can no longer compete in NIRCA races.

Does the club run year-round?

Yes we do! Though numbers do unfortunately seem to drop as the temperatures drop (though fortunately this appears to be less of a phenomenon in recent years as opposed to past years), we still manage to hold practice almost every day during the school year, rain or shine.

Are there any requirements to compete with the club?

Nope. If you're a member of the club, you can compete with the club.

Note that in some cases we will obviously have to use speed as a factor in making teams for the A race at Nationals (you can still race in the B race if you don't make it) and in making relay teams.

This club looks too competitive for me. I'm just looking to stay in shape or for someone to run with!

Not everybody in the club is here to race. There are people here who just run for fitness or because they like running. Just make sure you show up when you can, because we don't want these people to be lonely.

Are practices and races mandatory? My schedule prevents me from coming to some of the club's practices and races.

Practices are not mandatory (even officers won't show up on some days, though this is usually on a scheduled basis), and races are optional. Nonetheless, we hope that you show up when you can!

Can the club help me personally with my running?

Yes! Many members of the club have experience with self-coaching or coaching others, and as a result, may know how to help you. Contact an officer if you want more information.

I'm confused about the multiple addresses. Could you explain that?

Yes, that is all explained here.

Road races? I wanted something more competitive.

For the past six years (with the exception of 2011), we have competed in at least three cross country races as a part of the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA): our home meet, regionals and nationals. More recently, we have also had runners that are a part of our club travel to NCAA or other NIRCA meets together. In the spring we usually are more split based on peoples' preferences for either track or longer road races, but don't worry, the opportunity to be challenged year-round is there.

Do I need money to travel?

Unfortunately, as a club, we are very often on a tight budget (though we have steadily been earning more money to work with), and though we can and do provide some aid in paying for trips, we have to ask members to pay for some of the trip themselves. Don't let this discourage you from traveling with us, though, as traveling as a club has its own financial benefits.

Be prepared to spend about $200 per semester on meet travel, entry, and lodging...and that's assuming you're very competitive and the club covers nothing (so the $200 is an "at most" estimate, not an "at least"). You may think it's a lot, but it's supposedly a fraction of what some other club sports spend.

Can I walk onto the NCAA team from here?

You can become a walk-on from the club. Please note, however, that walk-on standards are higher when coming from a club than coming directly from high school, due to the fact that you will have collegiate/open racing experience and are expected to contribute as soon as you are admitted to their team.

I'm too busy! How can I join a club that I can never spend time with?

A lot of people think that they cannot join because they can never come to practice. If this applies to you, don't worry about it. We don't just run all of the time, and you can use the club to find other people who can run when you can run. Even the president can't make it to the official practice every day because of classes. And yes, you can still come with us to races, provided we've, at the very least, know who you are and have your registration on file in the club sports office.

I'm signed up for the club, but I'm not getting any e-mails. Do you have a LISTSERV?

Yes! Please see listserv.php for more information. Of course, most of our communication is through a facebook group nowadays...go here to access it.

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Last updated November 24, 2014
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