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Useful Sites

Run Mapping

Helps map out runs and gives an elevation profile as well

Another site for mapping runs

Other local clubs

Triple cities runners club

Social stuff

Binghamton Running Club Facebook group - A lot of our online discussion takes place here nowadays.

Athleticore, a site used for logging mileage and such. After you create an account, click on "Teams" on the upper left, followed by clicking on "join team" on the left side bar. Find us (Binghamton University Running Club) and input the access code (ask around the club if you don't have one). Then make the running club your default membership by clicking on "Preferences" on the left side bar, choosing "Binghamton University Running Club" as your default organization, and then clicking "Update" (note: we haven't used this in a while).

Yet another log link.


National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (It's the same link as the NIRCA logo on the left)

Flotrack. Ridiculous amounts of news and videos...good videos...related to cross country and track at all levels. If you search hard enough you'll even find some NIRCA videos.

Runningwarehouse.com gives us a 15% discount on everything! There's a code to this one, too, but you'll have to go directly to the president if you want your code. Nothing personal, just high security here. And yes, he has to know who you are. Again, high security.

Confluence Running! This is a local running store managed by BURC alum Matthew Gawors. We get big discounts here too.

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